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I make Handcrafted Jewellery – Abenla

Say hello to Abenla – A beautiful talented artist from Nagaland, who makes the most exotic handmade jewelry. In addition to running her jewellery business,  she also works with an NGO in the development sector (Fida International), serves as a part of an eldership team with her husband at a local church in Mumbai, and above all manages a home – just being the wife on the other side. Her handmade jewellery are characterized by unique craftsmanship and are replete with a mix of tribal and modern techniques – that are so distinct to her brand. To find such a distinctive voice, there has to be a fascinating story – which we were hoping to find out when we reached out to the designer herself. How did you get started? Did you get any formal training in jewelry design? Not really. I learnt most of the skills online. In fact this whole thing started when I was in college, when a friend of mine – Ran introduced me to jewellery making. I used to enjoy breaking things apart and making new stuff out of …