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A Dip Into The Mind Of A Young And Inspired Published Poet – Runshito Lims, Nagaland

Poetry is not a learned language yet it’s a language that fills you up and breathes your experiences onto paper in rhymes and imagery. 21 year old Runshito Lims never imagined being a poet but has already published his first book, ‘Allegories of Life’ on 26th June! We caught up with him to delve into what guided him towards this milestone. We had a chat with Runshito Lims to talk about his recently published book, “Allegories of life”, his inspirations and more! The man and the book. Recently finishing my Bachelor of Arts from St. Joseph’s College Autonomous Jakhama, Kohima, it was an enriching journey to be able to publish my book.ย  Life is not all about the air that we breathe. Life is an allegory – it has lots of stories to share. Life is about love and pain and everyone has a different story to tell. All of us live life but are all on different paths. Similarly, everyone interprets the meaning of life in various ways. Like this, love is also defined …