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#RECIPE | Ao Naga Dish ‘Amrusu’ by Kristi Kikon Murry

Nutritious, filling and absolutely delicious, Amrusu is a staple in the traditional Ao cuisine. A meal on its own, it can be your go-to comfort food as well as a fancy dinner dish when served well. It’s basically rice porridge with protein. However, there are several versions of it where the protein is swapped out for meat, fermented bamboo shoot or dry fish/prawn. One of our readers, Kristi, shared with us the recipe which is a modern/popular version of Amrusu. Amrusu made with grounded rice and chicken by Kristi Kikon Murry She says, ‘This is a very special dish that was my grandmother taught me. The main ingredient here is the ground rice (preferably white rice) and for the meat you can either use chicken or pork innards. My Otsu (grandmother) usually makes the pork version with no spice but I added 2 fresh raja mircha (king chili) and a spoonful of bamboo shoot juice.” Kristiโ€™s recipe is simple and is very suitable for beginner cooks. Enjoy! Ingredients: White rice (250gms) Chicken (1kg) Bamboo shoot …