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Chef Elna Yepthomi Talks About Her Journey From Nagaland to Australia & Her Love For Mixing Art With Food

Elna Yepthomi’s journey to becoming a chef at one of the well-known clubs in Canberra, Australia, is somewhat of an inspiration. “Much like any other art form, culinary art–the art of cooking–requires practice, sacrifice, and devotion,” says Elna. Originally from Nagaland, she studied Hotel Management from Kolkata and went on to learn cheffing at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in Australia.  Her experiences with cooking have taught her much about life and art. In her attempts to make a mark in the culinary world, she has harbored a deeper love for her Naga culture and food. “Being a Naga chef and proudly representing the Nagas, I do see the influence of my roots. Majority of the international chefs have little knowledge about our local ingredients. This gives me the opportunity to promote our Naga food here,” says Elna. We spoke to her about her love affair with food, and how she decided to carve out a path for herself in this field. Hi, please tell us something about yourself! I am Elna Yepthomi, a Naga …