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“I Grew Up in a Broken Family – and That’s Where It All Began” 24-Year-Old Michelle Rungsung Talks About her Debut Book ‘Garden in a Graveyard’

Writing has proved to be therapy for many like Michelle Rungsung who has found her saving grace through penning down her thoughts. What started as a habitual daily journaling of her memories and secrets, is now her biggest and most trusted method to fight and heal her way through her loneliness and mental illness. 24-year-old Michelle from Manipur is an exceptionally beautiful prose writer who entwines her words with her own emotions and draws you towards a peripheral of vision that is unknown yet so personal. We chat about her debut novel “Garden in a Graveyard” which is a collection of deeply personal short proses and poems exposing her own experiences with hurt, abuse, mental illness, love and journey to self-discovery and healing. A chat with 24-year-old Michelle Rungsung from Manipur who just released her debut collection of poems and proses, “Garden in a Graveyard.”She talks to us about her book, her struggle with mental health, her healing journey and everything in between. Congratulations on your book Michelle! Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Michelle Rungsung …


Meet Suki and Yim – The Two 11-Year-Olds Behind the Book ‘Suki’s Magic Box’

  Don’t we all agree that technology has redefined the way children spend their time these days? Most of their free time is spent playing video games, surfing the internet, watching videos on their smart phones, iPads, or chatting with their friends on Whatsapp/social media. It is hard to even imagine kids doing anything ‘old fashioned’. So it was a pleasant surprise when we met two 11-year-old girls from Nagaland, who have recently launched a book called ‘Suki’s Magic Box’. The book serves as a graphic narrative inside a ten-year-old’s mind (that’s what they told us!). So let’s have a chat with these talented girls behind the book –  to understand what the book is all about, and more! Meet Sochumlo Suki Ezung, who is the author of the book ‘Suki’s Magic Box’. “I just turned 11, and I love writing; it has been my hobby since I was 7 years old. Suki’s Magic Box is not an ordinary book. It’s a book that talks about the fantasies that play out because of the imaginative power of …


Spilling Intricate Poetry on Paper : Tialila Kikon on her new release ‘Paper Cranes’.

“There’s nothing more rare, more precious than a heart that can appreciate and uplift another” – Tialila Poetries are unstoppable gateways to innumerous human emotions and feelings that otherwise don’t find an outlet within us. These spontaneous creations go on to hold even more importance when they stand to represent a collective cause. One such important Indian contemporary poet, is Tialila Kikon. Kikon’s work picks up twigs of life, love, hope and humanity, and builds simple yet sanguine poetry with them. Her poems were published in ‘Feminist Voices Across Cultures: A Poetry Anthology‘ and some of her Tanka poems appeared in ‘Winter Writes: Poems, Stories & Sagas’. She also has a Kindle eBook published by the Whitesboro Group of Writers, New York. Her poems ‘Indeed’ and ‘Children of Conflict’ were selected among 300 other poems submitted by poets from around the world and displayed at the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre, Vancouver, Canada on 12th March 2016 at the WIN-UNESCO World Poetry Month Celebration on the theme of Love and World Peace. In this short …