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Awono Ezung from Nagaland is a Photographer Whose Every Photo Appears to Tell a Beautiful Story

Meet Awono from Chumukedima in Dimapur Nagaland –  a self confessed “old homebody” who is blissfully using up her time as a photographer cum storyteller, and a pet caretaker. We met up with her over tea and after slowly and wonderfully we saw a lot of her personal work unfold over the conversation – which until then, were sitting precariously on her laptop and an old photo case. Just a tad bit too shy but finally she agreed for an interview with Roots & Leisure.  “I’m kind of in-between being a professional and a hobbyist.” What is your style of photography? I am more into portraiture and prefer working in natural light.I like taking pictures of friends and my sister. They understand how I work so it’s a little less headache for me. I still shoot with films (analog). I would love work with films as much as possible but these days it’s not easy finding film rolls in Nagaland. And there is probably only a handful of shops that develop them. Of course, there are digital works too. …