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Meet Bambi Kevichusa From Nagaland, The Renowned Fashion Designer Behind ‘Bambi K Bridal’

They say creativity is only half the battle, the rest is hard work. And today, we have someone who proves this right – someone whose creative ideas take shape only with her relentless hard work. Meet Bambi Kevichusa, fashion designer from Nagaland, who runs her bridal couture label Bambi K Bridal and a concept store called Windfall. She says, “There is no substitute for hard work” and we can clearly see that as she juggles between two stores and is also planning on launching another one. Crediting her Naga roots for her success, she says, ‘I believe that the inherent traits of a Naga, are doing your job quietly, staying humble and working with integrity and fairly, and these are some of the things that I try to live by.’ Read on to know more about her and from where she draws her inspirations. We had a chat with Bambi Kevichusa, fashion designer from Nagaland to know better about her work, how have her roots influenced her working style and more! Hi, there! Good to …