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A Chat With Utchi, Founder of Little Sunshine Cafe in Thailand

As we continue to explore local cultures around the world to grow this community, one of our friends from Chiang Mai introduced us to this charming cafe in Bangkok and recommended it as a must-visit on a trip to Thailand. This cafe called ‘Little Sunshine Cafe’ and managed by its founder Utchima Sriprachya or Utchi, is known among the locals for its menu full of Healthy and Delectable dishes. And not just the food, this cafe is also loved for its warm homely environment – an important USP of ‘Little Sunshine’ Cafe. “We want our customers to feel like they are at their friend’s place, having home-cooked food – creating a familiar warm ambiance that is hard to find in a restaurant.” ~Utchi, Founder, Sunshine Cafe We chat with the founder Utchi to know more about her journey, her food philosophy, inspiration behind her cafe, and more. Hi Utchi, so nice to be having this chat with you! Please introduce yourself. I’m Utchi, founder of Little Sunshine Café. I’m actually a dietitian, graduated from the …


Chat with Li Ching – Artist & Illustrator from Singapore Who Ignited her Artistic Flame Later in Life at 42, Proving It’s Never Too Late to Follow Your Passion

It can be challenging to manage a hobby alongside our regular job. Lost in our hectic 9-5 lives, we often find ourselves struggling to make time for personal passions. Yet, there are those among us who skillfully create a new realm through their hobbies, offering respite from the urgency that surrounds us.  One such inspiring individual is Artist & Illustrator Li Ching from Singapore. We were absolutely mesmerized by her art so we approached her for an interview. As we started delving into her background, we were even more inspired by her story about how her life meandered into the dream life she had always wanted at 42!  Having graduated from the National University of Singapore, she spent a good amount of her career as an HR professional. Then she moved to Thailand to teach Geology and Chemistry to International students. It was during this period that Li Ching acquired a newfound love for teaching – and reconnected with the art world, eventually giving her the much-needed opportunity to dive fully into the world of …