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To Bread or Not to Bread? This Easy Bread Recipe by Sonya from Berlin Says a Big Yes!

To bread or not to bread, must have been an imposing question in your head during this quarantine. What’s interesting is the fact that even those who have never baked in their life, are braving this thought as well 🙂 Some say it is an art, some say it is precision science – and for some, it is pure passion. As for most of us, it is a daily stable that we sometimes like to ‘French toast‘ it up! So if you are up for the challenge to figure out the science and the art of bread-making, well, your time is here. Our new friend Sonya – a mom and a passionate baker from Berlin, is here to share a simple bread recipe to get you started. Happy baking! Bread recipe by Sonya from Berlin, a mom and a passionate baker Ingredients for Sonya’s favorite bread recipe: 500 grams flour 20 grams yeast 15 grams of salt  15 grams of sugar 50 ml of vegetable oil 50 ml of milk  250 ml lukewarm water  50 …