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Recipe of Pork in Blood Stew – a Delicacy in Nagaland

Today, we’re excited to share a dish featuring an ingredient that transcends cultural boundaries and is savored by many: pork blood. Across the globe, this unique ingredient finds its way into various culinary traditions, creating mouthwatering delicacies. In Nagaland, it takes the form of a savory stew, where pork innards are cooked in a rich, dark gravy enriched with pig blood, and we call it Aai Choo (in Ao lingo), we call it Aai Chooย In the Philippines, it delights taste buds as Dinuguan, while in Guam, it is relished as Fritada. And let’s not forget Europe, where the famous black pudding takes center stageโ€”a delectable black sausage made with pork, dried pig’s blood, pork fat, and an array of spices. Join us as we learn how to make this super delish pork dish! Pork innards cooked in a rich, dark gravy enriched with pig blood. We call it “Aai Choo” (in Ao lingo) in Nagaland Ingredients : 1 1/2ย kilogram Pork Intestine and Pork 7-8 Cloves of Garlic Dried Red Chilly medium size Ginger a handful …