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Naga Dish|Pork in Blood Stew

Today we are sharing a dish with an ingredient that is enjoyed not just by the Nagas, but also by other cultures across the globe- pork blood. It is often made into a savoury stew of meat, pork innards in rich, dark gravy of pig blood. In the Philippines, it is savoured as Dinuguan and in Guam, as Fritada. In Europe , you have the famous black pudding which is a black sausage containing pork, dried pig’s blood, pork fat and spices. In Nagaland (in Ao lingo), we call it Aai Choo. Ingredients : 1 1/2 kilogram Pork Intestine and Pork 7-8 Cloves of Garlic Dried Red Chilly medium size Ginger a handful of local chives  500 ml of water 250 ml of blood Salt to taste Directions: Cut the intestine and pork into medium sized pieces and place them in a large pot.Add water, cover the pot and bring it to boil. Now add  the chilly,ginger & garlic paste and salt to taste. Cover pot and cook until the meat is cooked. Once the meat is cooked, pour the blood and …