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Keduoneinuo Solo, a Budding Writer From Kohima, Nagaland Talks About Her Passion For Writing

“Because I have seen so much regression, there is nothing I want more than progress. And I learnt that progress starts with the self.” Meet Keduoneinuo, a budding writer and the author of My Dream Girl. She credits her love for writing to reading. She started reading early on and was influenced by the writings of the likes of Mark Twain and Anne Frank. Her book is about transitioning into a powerful and beautiful woman, who she calls her dream girl. We had a little chat with Keduoneinuo today to see what she had to say on her working style and her latest book “My Dream Girl”.  Hello Keduoneinuo. Please introduce yourself. My name is Keduoneinuo Solo. I am 26 years old and I am currently pursuing my Master of Education (M.Ed.) at Nagaland University. I grew up in the heart of Kohima Village. Introduce us to your work. What initially sparked your interest in this field? I don’t exactly recall the first time I started writing poetry, or when I first started writing at …


Kimte Guite, Author of 51 Accidental Inventions that Changed the World, Talks About Her Book and Her Inspirations

Today, we managed to grab a quick word with Kimte Guite, the author of 51 Accidental Inventions that Changed the World. We chatted about her love for literature classics, her obsession to read since her childhood, her love for the countryside and old Bollywood cinema. As a bibliophile herself, she’s also planning to organize book-readings in primary schools and her plan is to expand the project into a travelling library to spread the joy of reading. She is an Assistant Professor at Churachandpur Government College.  She conducts small book club/book reading sessions as well. Get to know more about this creative soul as we chat with her!  Hi there, please start by telling our readers a bit about yourself! Hello! I am Man Lun Kim and I also go by the name, Kimte Guite. That’s the name I use for my social-media handles. My hometown is in Churachandpur (Lamka) in Manipur. I am your typical tribal girl with a taste for all local cuisines and a heart that will never get enough of the rolling …


“My Poetry is a Protest” — Vancouver Shullai from Shillong, On His First Book ‘How To Love A Broken Man’

At 23, Vancouver Shullai has published his book of poetry, won a national prize for his poetry and is already breaking out of the mold of traditional poetry-writing. Based in Shillong, he recently completed his masters in English from Bengaluru.  Talking to Vancouver Shullai is like taking a walk through his mind. Our conversation with him left us inspired, and wanting to indulge in his poetry. He says, ‘I really think that’s how art works, any form of art, be it music or paintings or films – the liberty to interpret that we as artists give our readers and spectators is in abundance’. Join us for a conversation with the winner of the 2017 Wingword Poetry Prize, on the publication of his first book of poetry, “How To Love A Broken Man”. Vancouver Shullai calls himself an artist, on a journey of constant change and improvement. To start off, we’d like to congratulate you for the release of your book! Please share a bit about yourself with our readers.  Thank you! I’m Vancouver Shullai, 23 …


A Candid Chat With Mmhonlumo Kikon About The Story Behind “The Penmi Poems” Which He Penned Down In Memory Of His Late Wife

Writing can be a beautiful way of comforting oneself – in times of trial and sadness. It is also a wonderful way of expressing our personal emotions of all kinds. Today, we sit down to chat with a friend who has just released a book of poems dedicated to his late wife – as a way to celebrate her life, and befittingly, words he penned down as a therapeutic exercise to comfort himself during his saddest moments. Mmhonlumo Kikon from Nagaland chats with us about his book, “The Penmi Poems: A Requiem” – a collection of poems dedicated to Penmi Phazang Kikon, his late wife and mother of his two daughters. The book also features the late wife’s paintings, prints, and sketches – a reminder of her love for art, which she dreamt of sharing with the world.  We chat with Mmhonlumo Kikon, author of the book “The Penmi Poems: A Requiem” – a collection of poems dedicated to his late wife, Penmi Phazang Kikon. This book ‘The Penmi Poems: A Requiem’ is dedicated to …


“Dark Days Will Be Many, But The Sea Will Calm Down and The Sun Will Shine Again”- A Chat with Chirmi Shimray from Manipur, author of “The Sea And I”

Some say that every secret of a writer’s soul is written large in their works. Some say it’s all fiction and a figment of their imagination. Today’s writer from Manipur has a little bit of both in her first ever book to be published “The Sea and I.” A teacher by profession, 26-year-old Chirmi Shimray is a new mom to her 3-month-old son and has always been passionate about writing. The themes of her writings usually revolves around Death, Survival and Freedom, and she says of her book “The Sea and I”, ” It’s mostly fictional except for a chapter called ‘Paradise’ which is based on my real life. I want my readers to dive into the book and just let the book take them over with its mesmerizing vulnerabilities, and also its coldness.”Let’s find out more about Chirmi and her book! A chat with Chirmi Shimray – a passionate writer, full-time teacher, new mom and a published author from Manipur. She talks about her debut book, “The Sea and I” the whole process that …


A Writer at Heart and a Waiter by Profession, Wedekhro Naro from Nagaland Has a Candid Chat About His Debut Book, “True Love Keeps Moving”

Writing can be liberating – and empowering. It enables the writer to immortalize feelings and thoughts to go back to on a later day . . . to either reminisce about them or to ruminate over them while looking for answers – or whatever. Writing is also a brave act, where the writer bares his or her deepest thoughts to the world. For our guest today, writing has been all of the above – and more. For Wedekhro Naro from Nagaland, writing has always been a tool he had used to help himself and others around him. And with the release of his book “True Love Keeps Moving”, he was able to achieve a lifelong goal he had – a dream he had nurtured even when he couldn’t write a sentence in English. “A writer at heart and a waiter by profession” – in his own words, Wedekhro wants to tell the world to never give up on our dreams. “If you have a dream, don’t ever give up. It took me twelve years to …


A Passionate Writer, Yuimi Vashum From Manipur Talks About Empowering Victims of Sexual Violence In Her Debut Book, “Love, Lust And Loyalty”

They say when you want to bring about changes, it starts with uncomfortable conversations. We have a very passionate writer with us today, Yuimi Vashum from Ukhrul, Manipur whose work picks up emotions, feelings and humanity to create powerful poems. In her latest book, “Love, Lust and Loyalty”, she talks about the horrific experiences she went through as a child and through this book, she hopes to speak for the kids who are going through the same in silence. The book is a collection of poems where she talks about sexual violence, relationships and womanhood. We chat with Yuimi to know more about her and her debut poetry collection. Yuimi Vashum, a survivor of a child sexual abuse is here to convey the message to all the victims of sexual violence not to be shameful and fearful about raising their voice through her book, “Love. Lust. And Loyalty”. Hello Yuimi! Good to have you here, please introduce a little about yourself. Hi! My name is Yuimi Vashum, 28 and I’m from Ukhrul, Manipur. I am a …


“The Small Village I Called Home Has Shaped The Way I See The World” – Jim Wungramyao Kasom from Manipur Talks About His Debut Book “Homecoming and Other Stories”

Story telling is a cornerstone of human existence; it’s what enables people to communicate and connect with one another. Today, we are happy to have with us a warm-hearted  storyteller, photographer and author Jim W Kasom, from Manipur. He talks to us about his debut book, “Homecoming and Other Stories” – a collection of short stories that will actually move your heart and fill the soul. “I left my hometown at an early age, but I still write about that place and the people” – Manipuri author and photographer, Jim Wungramyao Kasom talks about the inspiration for his debut book. Read on to learn more about him, his childhood and family that are the roots of his love for storytelling. Hello Jim! Introduce yourself to our readers. Hello R&L my name is Jim Wungramyao Kasom. I’m a photographer and a writer. I was born and raised in Ukhrul, Manipur. But currently, I’m living in Delhi. Tell us about your book, “Homecoming and Other Stories”. My book is a collection of 19 short stories published by Bibliophile South Asia and Promila …


#FACES | Aswathy Krishna From Kerala Explores The Most Beautiful Tourist Spot In The Forest Hills Of Coorg, Karnataka

“It was a very pleasant morning following a breathtakingly beautiful sunrise in March at the Three Hills Farm House, 30km away from Madikeri City, Coorg. I was sitting with a cup of coffee outside the cottage which was built completely of wood, reading my book and enjoying the lovely view. Surrounded by the cool breeze, dreamy fog, the alluring forest view, those avacado and orange trees and small talks with my companion, the entire experience was an unexpected gift from Mother Nature. It was unforgettable!” “The farm house is situated in a no network zone of the village Bettathur in Karnataka. Coorg is the most beautiful tourist spot in the state and is at the border of Kerala. My ex-colleague, Chandan and I decided to go on an unplanned and sudden trip to get a break from the city life.” “I’m very happy to have found this heavenly place on Earth.” – Aswathy Krishna, Kerala.

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“I Grew Up in a Broken Family – and That’s Where It All Began” 24-Year-Old Michelle Rungsung Talks About her Debut Book ‘Garden in a Graveyard’

Writing has proved to be therapy for many like Michelle Rungsung who has found her saving grace through penning down her thoughts. What started as a habitual daily journaling of her memories and secrets, is now her biggest and most trusted method to fight and heal her way through her loneliness and mental illness. 24-year-old Michelle from Manipur is an exceptionally beautiful prose writer who entwines her words with her own emotions and draws you towards a peripheral of vision that is unknown yet so personal. We chat about her debut novel “Garden in a Graveyard” which is a collection of deeply personal short proses and poems exposing her own experiences with hurt, abuse, mental illness, love and journey to self-discovery and healing. A chat with 24-year-old Michelle Rungsung from Manipur who just released her debut collection of poems and proses, “Garden in a Graveyard.”She talks to us about her book, her struggle with mental health, her healing journey and everything in between. Congratulations on your book Michelle! Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Michelle Rungsung …