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Being Trendy In Casual Wear – With Lichebeni and Temjenlong From Nagaland

We have all heard the golden advice – comfort is a priority in fashion, but it becomes a little hard to follow it when you want to pick out chic outfits for everyday. To help you with that, we have Lichebeni and Temjenlong who believe in styling basics to make it look more trendy. According to them, in order to be trendy and fashionable, you need not glam all of the time, but just being yourself and wearing your most comfy clothes is a trend in itself. Lichebeni Yanthan finds joy in dressing with different styles. Her optimistic outlook on life can be seen in her sense of style as well. Temjenlong Jamir defines himself as just a regular guy who loves sports and music, and loves being stylish and comfortable. For Liche, sneakers are her basic and comfort is a priority, and we couldn’t agree more with this! In her words, “I think casual defines who I am. I am usually a fun-loving person who loves her sneakers. I like to experiment with different …