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Be Ready To Be Blown Away By These Surreal Art Made Of Charcoal And Graphite – Meet Artist Apone Naroh From Nagaland

We are delighted to come across a number of young and talented folks in social media and more than happy to feature them on our blog to talk about their passion, their dreams and inspirations. It encourages us to take a step towards following and achieving our own goals through their inspiring stories. We have another talented person today and her art has a different story to tell. She use charcoal and graphite to depict her amazing artworks. Let’s find out everything about artist, Apone Naroh from Nagaland and her works! We had a chat with Apone Naroh, a very creative artist from Nagaland. She talks about her passion for drawing and painting, how it started and where she draws inspirations from. Hello! Please tell us a little about yourself. Hello, I am Apone Naroh, a Naga artist from Kohima, Nagaland. I have done my Bachelors in Political Science and is currently in Delhi taking diploma course in painting and drawing, NIFA (National Institute of Fine Arts). What got you started and what initially sparked …