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Born To Be A Music Maker | Meet Soulful and Cheerful Singer-Songwriter and Vocal Coach, Maker Kashung from Manipur

Music is, without a doubt, a huge part of our lives. It teaches, motivates, inspires and instills us with great joy. Maker Kashung from Manipur is someone that comes with a whole bunch passion for music and an unmissable talent for it. A very down to earth person and a spiritual man, read on to know more about this special soul. Today we have the talented musician, Maker Kashung from Manipur sharing all about his musical journey with us. He leaves us with important and inspirational advice on how to grow and work towards achieving even our craziest dreams. Hello Maker, tell us a little about yourself. My name is Maker Kashung and I am from Manipur. I am a singer-songwriter and a vocal coach based in Delhi. I am the frontman of an alternative rock band called Footwings. I’m also presently, the Choir Director of Tangkhul Church in Delhi. Maker Kashung conducting the choir of Tangkhul Church, New Delhi. My life revolves around music – I teach, practice with the church choir and conduct …