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The Return of the Cosplayers from Nagaland | NAJ Cosfest 2022

Welcome to the almost post-pandemic life where our lives took a bit of an upside down. After nearly 2 years, Nagaland Anime Junkies (NAJ) is back with the much anticipated Cosfest 2022. This year’s NAJ Cosfest 2022 was nothing short of a magical celebration that had us delve into a world of fantasy. It’s only fair to say that we were eager for a Cosfest. NAJ founder Biebe and the team have yet again outdone themselves. Everything was a vibe- the food, the weather, the stalls, and the awe-striking cosplayers. It was a sight to behold and maybe just for once, it made us forget our mundane lives. With the theme – ‘LIFE 2.0’, the 8th Annual NAJ Cosfest event was held in Kohima on the 9th and 10th of July. We witnessed an array of participants from across the state that competed in the grand show of cosplay craftsmanship and performance.   “We want to celebrate life, as we all move forward and rebuild our lives in the post-pandemic world.”- NAJ founders We spoke to …