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#FACES | The Story Of The Village ‘Dha’ In Ladakh – With Pravin Tamang

These photos were taken during the winter months of my visit to a village named ‘Dha’ in Ladakh. It’s a village where the real descendants of Aryans migrated and settled. It’s said that people believed there were three Aryan brothers – Galo, Melo and Dulo – who came to Ladakh and while wandering in search of a new pasture land, a grain which had got stuck in the shoes of one of them, fell to the ground here and multiplied into food crops. So, they stayed back on this land and their descendants came to be known as Brokpas. The local woman in the image is dressed in their traditional attire that comprises of animal hides and the headgear she is wearing is totally made out of flowers. I shoot winter months or cold places in India and mostly travel during the cold months to experience the life around these places and meet people. I stay with them in their homes and know them more deeply than just take a picture and move on. These …