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Imlijungshi, a Self-Taught Artist from Nagaland, Finds Freedom in Art

Imlijungshi is a self-taught artist from Dimapur, Nagaland. He experiments with various mediums, from sketching to digital tools to illustrate Nagaland’s ethnic culture and community. Inspired by anime, his work reflects his inner passion for his homeland and his art. He recently bagged a job offer to be an illustrator for a game and wishes to continue sketching and painting with the same passion in future. Read on to know more about him.ย  We interviewed with Imlijungshi, a self-taught artist from Nagaland to get some insight about his work, his inspiration and his future plans! Hello! Introduce a little about yourself. Hello! My name is Imlijungshi, from Dimapur. Nagaland. I’m currently in my BA final year and after that, I plan on spending my time and life doing art. Tell us about your work, what got you started? My works are mostly experimental as a self-taught artist but I mainly focus towards our Nagaland’s ethnic cultures and community. And I plan on improving my skills to show the full potential of Nagaland’s cultural aesthetic values …


Turning The Mundane Into Something Insane and Outrageous | Meet Self-Taught Digital Artist Onen

Today’s artist is a digital artist-cum-engineer who goes by the name of “Mr.Brightside” whose weird, twisted yet profound sketches is a reflective exploration of the human state – physical and mental. His art stands out from the multitude of other artists due to its accented uniqueness and inventiveness which enthralls and unnerves all at the same time. Onen’s works are multi-faceted and open ended to the point of debate. It embodies a sense of existential vagueness that instinctively entices the feral remnants of our collective primate heritage. Our contributor Jungio chats with the self- taught digital artist about his transition from drawing cartoon characters as a kid – to diving into the dark and surreal inspired by Japanese art and culture, current art scene in Nagaland and more. Tell me a little about yourself? My name is Bendangonen Atsongchangerย but I go by the name of Mr. Brightside :D. ย I am 25 years of age from Mokokchung, Nagaland and currently pursuing my Bachelor’s in Computer engineering from Pune. How would you describe your art? What or …