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Artist Who Etches Memories on Canvas and Plates | Dina Hazarika Chowdhury

Don’t you feel envious of people who have the ability to capture beautiful sights and memories in a tangible medium, so that they can preserve it and also share them with others? We definitely are. So whenever we meet such artists, we make sure we share their work with our readers. Meet Dina Hazarika Chowdhury, a fine artist from Assam, who creates lovely paintings on canvas and ceramic plates. Dina Hazarika Chowdhury specializes in taking on nostalgic memory snapshots of cities and rural landscapes and transforming them into beautiful artwork. Dina’s story starts from the culture capital of Assam, Tezpur. “I have been brought up in a nuclear family, though the essence of a big, joint family is strongly instilled in me as we never missed a family gathering at my father’s paternal home in Sibsagar,” she says. She now stays in Gurgaon, after moving into the city post marriage two years ago. Tell us how you arrived at this point – as an artist who is happily running her own venture from home. Well, I explored many (career) paths before …