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I Saved Up To Buy My First Camera | Wedding Photographer – Thangminlun Tonsing

Thangminlun Tonsing is a self trained wedding photographer from Lamka, Churachandpur, Manipur. When he realized that he was stuck in a boring job where he saw no future, he saved up and bought a camera and thus began his journey. He has made endless pursuance of techniques and education in the field to perfect his art – and continues to do so passionately. Hi Thangminlun! Tell us something about your interest for photography. How did it all start? I vividly recall the time when I was working at a call centre and couldn’t afford a DSLR. So I decided on starting to save a little and meanwhile played around with a Sony cybershot camera and experimenting. Later, when the interest in grew, ย I decided to take it to a little serious level, and purchased a bridge camera with my savings. It was a Fuji film S2950. That was the day, I started capturing almost everything around me. The excitement of being able to frame moments and expressions into something that was real but created by …