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“I See My Art As A Rough Presentation Of Our Own Complex Mind With Its Limitless Theories” – A Chat With 22-Year-Old Doodler Lanunukshi Keitzar From Nagaland

Once again, we are happy to have with us a young artist that draws, zentangle, doodles as his hobby! Lanunukshi Keitzar is a student from Nagaland and he started his hobby two years ago after discovering cool artists across the world through social media! While Lanu goes through a phase of depression in his life, he uses his hobby as a therapy and in such a way he got inspired to continue what he loves to do. “I have been brought up in an environment where my interest and views have not been suppressed but we are given the freedom to use and share. I suppose that is one reason for the absence of boundaries in the perception of my art.” Let us find out more about Lanu and his work! We had a chat with Lanunukshi Keitzar, a young artist from Nagaland. He talks about his inspirations, how it got started and how his upbringing influenced his working style. Hello! Please introduce a little about yourself. My name is Lanunukshi Keitzar, 22 years of …