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Meet 26-Year-Old Sushmita Rao, a Doodler and a Comic Artist from Mumbai

Today, we have an artist Sushmita Rao, 26-year-old from Mumbai who doodles whenever she gets free time or off from work. Her illustrations are mostly based on her everyday life and experiences – which is what makes it relatable and fun for even her audience. For Sushmita, art plays an important role in cheering her up and motivating her when she’s having a rough day. Currently, she juggles between her full-time job and her art, and makes sure that her followers get a cheery artwork from her everyday!  We had a chat with Sushmita Rao, a doodler and a comic artist from Mumbai. She talks about her art, how she hopes to make people happy through her it and more! Hello! Introduce a little about yourself. Hi, my name is Sushmita Rao, 26 years of age and I’m from Mumbai, India. You can call me a doodler or a comic artist, as I make comics based on my everyday life experiences. What got you started as a doodler and a comic artist? My life itself is a …