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Eyingbeni from Nagaland Shares a Simple Chocolate Cake Recipe Over a Chat about Her Work and Life in Ireland

  2020, for all that it was, provided a much needed pause for a lot of us. It gave us ample time to reconnect with ourselves, our hobbies, our passion – and our friends too! That said, one fine evening, we caught up with an old friend  – Eyingbeni from school (in Nagaland), who now works in Ireland. Someone having travelled the world via her work, we used to be fascinated with her low-key yet bountiful life. So we had a chat with her to delve deeper into her life in a foreign land, her travel adventures, and her food account @foodnotic, where she occasionally shares her home-cooked creations. Hello Eying, so nice to be finally having this chat. Please introduce yourself to our readers 🙂 Hi everybody, it’s a pleasure to e-meet you and I hope you have all been keeping well. What an incredible year 2020 was. What a year it has been! But I hope we are all ready for 2021 – with the hope of a renewed year ahead. So how do I …