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This Talented Pianist Wants to Enlighten Us on Naga Folk Music and Ethnomusicology | Meet Jaremdi from Nagaland

Music is food for the soul, so they say – and the Nagas are no doubt among the lucky ones who are blessed and with an innate and exceptional talent in this field. Thereโ€™s a musician in almost every household in this part of the country but talent alone does not guarantee success; it needs to be backed sufficiently with persistence and a strong entrepreneurial driveย to create a successful music career. Today we chat with one such lady who has all qualities that can potentially carve an enthralling musical career. Say hi to Jaremdi Wati Longchar from Nagaland, a seasoned pianist, who is working passionately towards a career in ethnomusicology. Hi Jaremdi, tell us something about yourself- your background and your musical journey Hi, I am 29 years old and I am currently based in Dimapur. However, I’ve lived half of my life in Kohima as well, so, I consider myself both a Dimapur and a Kohima girl.I am currently working towards building a career in ethnomusicology, which is basically the study of music in …