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A Chat About Art With Debi, the Owner of DPR Artlife

Debi, a post graduate from St. Xavier’s college, Kolkata, realised right after college that he wasn’t made for a desk job. A passionate sketch artist, he had always knows that his love lies in art. He decided to take the leap and launch his own venture where he sells customised art decor pieces and collectibles like coasters, mugs and more.  Going under the name of DPR Artlife, his venture also focuses on providing a creative space for young and budding artists like him. We get to know a little more about his vision behind DPR Artlife and his work through a candid chat.  Hey Debi, tell us about DPR Artlife. We thought of creating a brand for the people of India which justified our rich cultural heritage. Art is the soul of our country. We wanted to start a new trend through our brand where people value the importance of art. We make various artworks to light up your beautiful space. There a bunch of handmade items at our crafts store, created with love. What …


Nzan Kikon, A Counselling Psychologist and Writer, Talks About His Book ‘The Starry Night’

A dreamer, who believes in making the world a better place, Nzan Kikon has much to offer through his work. When he isn’t busy reading, you can find him pursuing his profession as a counselling psychologist. We chatted with him as he launches his book, ‘The Starry Night’, a book based on family drama with a psychological theme on living with mental illness, family bond, forgiveness, second chance.  Nzan Kikon Tell us a little bit about who you are, where are you from, and what you have been up to? Hi, my name is Nzan Kikon, and I’m 31 years old, residing in Kohima, Nagaland. I am a dreamer who believes in making the world a better place, for those who are here today, and those who will be replacing us. I am also a Science enthusiast, where I believe that embracement of Science will propel us to a time where we can only dream of now. I am also an avid book lover, with my ultimate goal to build my own library at some …


Retro Fashion is Trending this Spring in North-East India

Fashion is cyclical, in truth; trends are recurrent, and the best ones tend to come back in style in one way or another. This holds true for the evergreen fads of the 80’s and 90’s – which are taking on the fashion scene, and making one hell of a soar. One of those is the perennial style of the 90’s that resurfaces time after time, in its classic style or with a contemporary twist. Here are some trends that have stood the test of time.  How about embracing some retro futurism with 90’s inspired wraparound sunglasses? Accessories are one of the few items that have succeeded in out-winning time itself. If one apparel could sum up the retro trend, then it’d be the miniskirt! Miniskirts are the ultimate clothing piece that everyone needs to have to spruce up their wardrobes. These bottoms, with their preppy and timeless print, can brighten up any look. Dress it up or down, these checkered have got you covered for any event or just a ‘running errands’ kind of outfit. …