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“We Are Passionate About Promoting And Nurturing Local Talents In Mizoram” – A Chat With Joshua Sailo And Matthew Sailo – Founders Of “The Warehouse Cafe”, Aizawl

Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being. It requires passion and commitment. Today, we have the creative duo – brothers Joshua Sailo and Matthew Sailo from Mizoram – founders of “The Warehouse Cafe,” which is not only known for its good food but also popular around the town for its exciting local events – from live shows, and open mic to art exhibitions, games and more. The brothers, having educated abroad, and now back home in Mizoram with a deeper sense of what home is, this cafe project is one that is close to their hearts. They aim to bring the best of influences from the western world through their own experiences, and couple that with their passion to promote local talents, and use this cafe to create a lively place to bring the talented local folks together and give them a platform to shine. Letโ€™s chat with Joshua Sailo and Matthew Sailo from Mizoram -founders of “The Warehouse Cafe” to knkw more about them, their story, their cafe and more. Hello …