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Tales from the Hills | Longkhum Village

Post Written by:Wapangla | An HR Specialist who loves to teach, a travel maniac and obsessed with nature. “Your soul stays back on your first visit. You have to come back to retrieve your soul” – that is the bequest of the village of Longkhum which is situated at a high altitude of around 6056 feet above sea level at Mokokchung district in Nagaland, India. Known for its serenity, famous for its Romeo & Juliet legend and the fact that it’s one of the oldest & largest villages, I could not resist visiting it twice. And believe me I want to go back again. But next time when I do, I am hiking it all the way from its beautiful cherry blossom entrance of the village till the eagle’s nest which is known as Mongzu-Ki. It is believed that eagles have been nesting there for centuries. One of my favourite locations at Longkhum is the ‘Jubilee Tower’ which is at the highest point of the village. One can see from the tower the entire village and also …