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A Chat With The First Ever Folktronica Band Of Nagaland, MET3T | “We Want To Make Our People Feel Special About Our Roots Through Our Music”

โ€œMusic expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.โ€ – Victor Hugo In this world, we often find inspirations that draw out our talent in so many forms. Music is one of them, and for the band members of MET3T, making music through the inspirations of Naga folk songs and the current EDM genre, they wish to empower the people through their roots. Today, we are happy to introduce to you the band MET3T as they talk to us about how they formed the band and what has inspired them to create their unique genre of music. Let’s find out everything about how the folktronic band, MET3T from Nagaland got together and how they had expanded their genre by infusing EDM and Folk. Hello Guys!! Please introduce yourself. Metet Jamir : I’m the vocalist of our band, MET3T. I have performed at Military Tattoo Festival Edinburgh, Scotland, former Heritage In-house Band. Temjen : The guitarist, former Heritage in-house band guitarist. Akum Aier : The bassist, former bassist of OFF …