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Meet 15-Year Old Hiti Seb from Nagaland – Professional Football Player for Sudeva Delhi FC U18s in the Hero I League.

Interview by Deno Dolie Hiti is not someone I know personally, but I knew of him through his sisters, who went to to the same school as me. I felt his story is worth sharing as this 15-year-old kid from Nagaland is already a professional player for Sudeva Delhi FC U18s in the Hero I League. Moreover, I was equally impressed by his family’s support, in helping their son take this unconventional route at such an early age – and on a professional level. Hiti attends a residential football school, where he enrolled when he was just 11. In our society, it is not common to see young people going for professional training in pursuit of their passions. Through Hiti’s story, it is my hope to see more parents – especially from the Northeast, support their children’s endeavors in these unconventional careers – and guide them through the right means and channels. This can be a game-changer for a society like ours, which is full of ambitious youths with diverse talents – and through which …

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Football Fans in Nagaland Gears Up For World Cup 2018

Northeast has always been open to the culture of sports and football has definitely been one of the most celebrated sports in this part of India. Nagaland has now rolled over to move a step ahead with the rest of the world in cheering for their favourite team this year and if you are a football fan, you would have surely noticed the houses hoisting the flags as well as cars passing by with proud waving flags of the country they are supporting. World Cup 2018 has definitely become a festivity rather than just a game. With the FIFA World Cup 2018 kicking in ,we spoke to some of the football fanatics from Nagaland sharing their memories from previous World Cup, and their thoughts on what is going to be the destiny for the team they are rooting for and more! Alem Aier, a teacher by profession, is a true Manchester United fan and says he is supporting Belgium this year. “My favourite memory last year was organizingย the screening of final match at police point, …