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Suit Up With Formal-Wear Lovers Chubasenla and Kikruneinuo From Nagaland

There’s something about a great power-suit or a chic dress that add the perfect amount of chic, confidence and character to the one wearing it. For long, formal wear was worn only on special occasions but now, they can be styled up or down, worn casually or for bigger events as well. Our featured guests today, Chubasenla Jamir and Kikruneinuo from Nagaland make formal-wear the hero of their wardrobe, styling them from various occasions and event, and combining them with street wear for the uber-chic look.  “Whatever we wear, if we wear it with confidence, it’s fashion. If I am not confident or happy with my look or my outfits, I’m never going to feel as fashionable as possible. Wearing clothes that play up our best style strengths will always look trendy no matter what is trending,” says Chubasenla. Get to know why formals are becoming girl’s best friend! Chubasenla Jamir – wearing a monchrome outfit with a blush pink top and midi skirt, paired with a black sling and studded heels. Kikruneinuo – Pairing …