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I’m a Game Designer & Mountain Biker | Rongsen Jamir

Mafia Wars, Castleville, Bubble Safari, Cafe World . . ever played any of these video games? We’re sure you have or atleast know someone who has. So who are these super human beings behind these addictive video games and how do they do it? Well, we just found out that someone sitting next to you could have played a role in the creations! Meet Rongsen Jamir, a game designer working in Zynga  – a game designing company that has produced some of the most popular games like Farmville, Zynga Poker, Mafia Wars amongst others. Originally from Dimapur Nagaland , he is now based out of Bangalore. “I got introduced to video games pretty early when the whole idea was still relatively new – back home in Nagaland. Games used to intrigue me so much that I would start thinking about playing my own creations. I feel lucky to have had this opportunity (creating games at Zynga).I take inspiration from genius game designers like Will Wright, Todd Howard and Hideo Kojima”   By now we are convinced that gaming …