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Meet the Creators of Gentlewasher – Manual Washer for Delicate Clothes

Today on Roots and Leisure, we have two really talented entrepreneurs  – based out of Gujarat. Meet Coen and Kathak – the creators of gentlewasher – a beautifully crafted, manual washer for delicate clothes. About the Founders : Kathak and Coen Coen Vermeer has a post-graduation from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Kathak Mehta has a masters in Technology and Innovations Management  from the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT), Ahmedabad. She is also pursuing PhD in Management from Institute of Management, Nirma University. Both Coen and Kathak are currently based in Ahmedabad. Tell us a little bit more about yourselves. Coen : Both Kathak and I love to create things – especially physical products that actually solve a problem. As a kid, I would spend hours playing with Lego. From building underwater palaces to castles in the sky; building things was my passion. During my studies, this untamed optimism grew stronger. After watching a documentary on India, I had made up my mind. So after graduating, I came all the way from Amsterdam to Ahmedabad. Once here, I …