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“I’ve Been Staying In India For The Past 9 Years And It Feels Like My Second Home Now” – A Chat With Minseong Seok From South Korea To Talk About His “Daily Sushi” Restaurant

To travel to a new place and explore a new culture is indeed a fascinating thing to do. But what about actually settling partially and working in a totally new part of the world? Well, today we have a very interesting person who has done just that – and a little bit more – by introducing his own root culture in this new home of his. Meet Minseok Seok from Seoul, South-Korea who has been staying in India for the past nine years across Chennai and Bangalore – and have now opened his own restaurant called “Daily Sushi” in Bengaluru. Besides the delicious spread of authentic Asian food – from sushi, sushi rolls (gimbap), ramen, rice bowls to cold-pressed juice, what’s also interesting is the “Grab-and-Go” concept which aims to bring a casual and instant touch to your sushi dining, which he says is often perceived as too posh, or slow dining. “Customers can just step in and Grab the food and Go (GRAB-N-GO and Enjoy!). Many people think Sushi and most Japanese foods are expensive. …