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“I Wish To Spread Love And Peace Through My Photographs” – A Chat With Yonten Gailly, Aspiring Photographer From Darjeeling, West Bengal

Today, we have an aspiring photographer, Yonten Gailly from Darjeeling who is currently pursuing his undergrad degree in New Delhi. Ever since he got his hands on a GoPro, an action camera, Yonten’s zeal for taking photographs began to develop and his travel experiences inspired him even more to go on pursuing photography. He love to travel to places and capture moments where he could show to people – what a beautiful world we’re living in and make them learn to cherish and preserve it – through his photographs. We had a chat with Yonten Gailly, an aspiring photographer from Darjeeling, West Bengal. He talks about what inspired him to pursue photography and what he wants people to take away from his photograph! Hi! Please introduce a little about yourself. My name is Yonten Gailly, 22-years-old from Darjeeling, West Bengal. I am currently living in New Delhi pursuing my B. Sc. in Hospitality from IHM Pusa. In my free time, I go indulge myself in various kinds of activities that involve photography. I have been …