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“Classical Music Has Taught Me To Be Patient, Disciplined, Humble, Gentle” – A Chat With Ungrumso Raman, Western Classical Guitarist From Manipur

Today, we have a special guest with us, Ungrumso Raman – a Grade 8 Western Classical Guitarist from Manipur. He is the winner of the Delhi International Classical Guitar Competition of 2015 and represented India in the 6th Sri Lanka Guitar Festival, 2016. Gifted as he was, he was also lucky to have been born and raised in a family who showed immense support for his musical passion, and has helped him to get to where he is today. In his early 20’s, Ungrumso also started teaching classical and acoustic guitar – a great achievement at a very young age. He has taught at Delhi School of Music, New Delhi and Institute of Music Dynamics, Gurgaon.ย  We had a chat with the talented Ungrumso Raman to know more about classical music and his journey with it thus far. He also shares how music was a huge part of his family through generations, his sources of inspirations, and more. Hello! Please tell us a little about yourself. My name is Ungrumso Raman (27) from Mapao Zingtun, …