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Meet The Sisters Behind Crochet Doll Venture “Handmade Cottage” from Manipur.

Meet the crafty sister-duo behind the crochet doll venture “Handmade Cottage” from Manipur. Both the sisters are trained nurses, who initially started their crochet venture as a hobby. Despite the challenges they face in a world where people’s expectations have been significantly altered through factory-made goods – in terms of speed and low price, these sisters are motivated more than ever to bring people back to appreciating artisanal handmade goodies through their humble yet ambitious motto of “One doll at a time, one smile at a time and one happy customer at a time.” We had a chat with the sister duo of “Handmade Cottage” from Manipur. They talk to us about how their hobby turned into a profitable business venture and the challenges they face along the way. Hello, please introduce yourself. Hello R&L, thanks for having us. We’re two sisters running this venture, “Handmade cottage” from Manipur. I’m Yungyung Ragui (29) and my sister’s name is Sovi Shaiza(27). We’re based in Ukhrul and Imphal. Professionally, we are both trained nurses but we have …