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“After Years in The Industry, I Was Proud to be Part of a Movie (Axone) with North Eastern People in Lead Roles.” We Chat with Actress and Model Lin Laishram from Manipur

Growing up with a dream and actually living your fantasy life are two different things. While many dreams may not see the light of the day, some are more resolute. This small-town girl from Manipur we all know by the name Lin Laishram, is living each day to prove that dreams do come alive – but only if you believe in them unwaveringly and work hard with equal intensity. Having traveled the world venturing across sports, modeling, and now acting, Lin has many stories to tell. So today we chat with Lin Laishram from Manipur to know more about her journey. We chat with Model and Actress Lin Laishram from Manipur as she takes us through her journey from Manipur to Nagaland to Jamshedpur to New York and now Mumbai. She also talks about her latest acting gig in the popular movie ‘Axone’ now playing on Netflix! Hi Lin! So nice to finally have this chat with you! We are certain most people here have already heard and read about you, but please introduce yourself …