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Documentcherry: ‘Hanami’- Flower Viewing (In Japanese) | Longkum Village, Nagaland

Longkum, a village in Nagaland, is known for its many tourist hotspots, especially the Cherry Blossom viewing! During the autumn season, between September and October, the cherry blossoms are in their full glory. The route alongside Longkum village is lined with vibrant pink flowers, making it a picturesque scene. Folks from across the state and from other parts of the region flock into the village to capture this breathtaking sight! This autumn, we suggest you to head over to this pristine village for some amazing views!ย  Route across Longkum Village, Nagaland Longkum, an Ao village, in the regions of Ongpangkong is making its visitors gasp in admiration with the joyous sight of the cherry blossom trees. The stretch of Alichen village till Longkum village is heavenly sight during autumn. Longkhum village already has tons of tourist hotspots in its arsenal and the sight of cherry blossom is an icing on the cake! For your next autumn gateway, you should definitely check out this clean and lush village of Longkhum, not very far from Mokokchung town. …