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Travelling Solo and Without Money, to the Northeast by Mahima Nanda

Remember the last time you found yourself at an airport? Imagine yourself finding your way through a railway station’s busy footfalls, sweaty and tired and worried about the debt you’re racking up by spending thousands of rupees to go to yet another dream getaway. And while you’re at it, occasionally your eyes catch a glimpse of someone like Mahima Nanda. This female solo traveller, who is also an Arts student from JNU at New Delhi, is one of those incredibly put-together people who never seem fazed by train delays, flight cancellations or other hassles that inevitably come with travel. And there’s a reason she looks so sanguine: her latest trip to the beautiful Kashmir and Ladakh has cost her ZERO rupees. Mahima Nanda is in her second year towards pursuing a BA (Hons) in French degree from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She was born in Guwahati but spent most of her childhood in Dehradun, New Delhi, and Mumbai. Mahima is an ardent nature lover and likes to spend time walking or biking in …