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We are Smitten by These Handwoven Mizo Puans (Mekhela) and Naupuakpuan ‘Baby Sling Wraps’ from ‘Zo Weave’ | Chat with Founder Malsawmi from Aizawl

  A striking thing about Mizo womenfolks – including the young fashion-forward ones, is the fact they love flaunting their ‘Mizo Puans’ which are traditional handwoven wraparounds (Mekhalas). Most interesting is the way how the younger generation is uplifting their traditional attire by incorporating them as fashion statement pieces – and inspiring many to copy the trend. All that being said, we are extremely excited to be chatting with Malsawmi, founder of ‘Zo Weave’ – a handwoven Puan brand from Mizoram. This mother of four is doing her bit to reinforce the efforts in the preservation of the Puan – while also employing local women weavers through this initiative. We talk about how ‘Zo Weave’ is keeping the love for Puans alive through her growing customer base – young and old. Another interesting revelation is on how she is reinventing the humble traditional Mizo ‘Naupuakpuan’ (baby Sling wrap) by incorporating modern floral designs and motifs (all handwoven) and is another hot selling item under her brand.  Malsawmi, founder of ‘Zo Weave’ Mizoram holding her child …

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“We are Wearing Naga Traditional Mekhelas for Our Cultural Sunday in Pune”~ Aien

“In this photo, me and my friends are wearing Naga traditional mekhelas. This day was our cultural Sunday at our Naga Christian Fellowship (NCF) Pune. We love wearing mekhelas so it was a great opportunity to showcase our lovely traditional attires. I am wearing an “Ao Naga” mekhela which is usually blue and red in color (we do have in other designs and colors). I got this mekhala from home. Most of the Naga students usually pack atleast one traditional mekhela from home whenever they go outside Nagaland for their studies. I am currently pursuing my Bachelors of Art at Abeda College in Pune” ~ Aien from Nagaland [Buy Naga Traditional Mekhela on R&L Shop] Check out more on how young fashionable folks from Northeast India wear their traditional Mekhelas and Accessories [Shop Naga Traditional Jewellery and Mekhelas on R&L Shop]