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“I Grew Up in a Broken Family – and That’s Where It All Began” 24-Year-Old Michelle Rungsung Talks About her Debut Book ‘Garden in a Graveyard’

Writing has proved to be therapy for many like Michelle Rungsung who has found her saving grace through penning down her thoughts. What started as a habitual daily journaling of her memories and secrets, is now her biggest and most trusted method to fight and heal her way through her loneliness and mental illness. 24-year-old Michelle from Manipur is an exceptionally beautiful prose writer who entwines her words with her own emotions and draws you towards a peripheral of vision that is unknown yet so personal. We chat about her debut novel “Garden in a Graveyard” which is a collection of deeply personal short proses and poems exposing her own experiences with hurt, abuse, mental illness, love and journey to self-discovery and healing. A chat with 24-year-old Michelle Rungsung from Manipur who just released her debut collection of poems and proses, “Garden in a Graveyard.”She talks to us about her book, her struggle with mental health, her healing journey and everything in between. Congratulations on your book Michelle! Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Michelle Rungsung …