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A Chat With Shirali — A Miniaturist From Ahmedabad

They say, the road to finding your passion is long but rewarding. Such is the story of Shirali, who stumbled upon an art form while she was pursuing fashion, which  we became her calling! A bio-chemist-turned-fashion designer, Shiralis discovered her passion for sculpting miniatures in 2011. Since then, she hasn’t turned back and continues to create marvelous miniatures.  “My goal as an artist is to create top 20 miniature staple food of every state and create a food trail across the country. I have started working on this project, and to my amazement, I found so many overlapping similarities in local cuisines from one state to another. Same food, similar recipes and yet different names!” Shirali talks about her work, what influenced her to take this up and the challenges she faces while running her venture. Read on!  We had a chat with Shirali, miniaturist from Ahmedabad about her venture, “Small Idea”, which is about sculpting miniatures such as food, bag charms and so much more! Hello, introduce a little about yourself. Hi I’m Shirali, …


“My Art Helps Me Explore the Unventured Territories” Meet the Miniaturist Shirali Patel from Ahmedabad

Miniature is a thing that is much smaller than normal, especially a small replica of a particular thing. Introducing the Miniature Artist Shirali Patel from Ahmedabad, who is amazingly fascinated and bitten by the miniature art bug, since she was a child. A self-taught and a self-mastered artist, Shirali shares her story with Roots and Leisure on how the culture of India has become her inspiration towards the creation of her artwork Small Idea.   Share a little details about yourself and what you have been up to? Hi I’m Shirali, a Bio-Chemist turned Fashion Designer turned Miniaturist. After working for over a decade in Retail Industry, I left my corporate job and pursued my passion for creating miniature. I am a self-taught and I have mastered this art after many years of mistakes and experimentation. “It’s been 8 years now that I’m sculpting miniatures and my quirky little utility and collectable products bring smile on many faces.” What initially sparked your interest in this field? I just love miniatures. Miniatures fascinated me as a child …