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“I Let my Head Work Instead of Letting My Heart Be Troubled” – Tête-à-Tête with Vikuonuo Sachü, Reigning Miss Nagaland

I sat down with reigning Miss Nagaland Vikuonuo Sachü over coffee to talk about the crown and the responsibilities that came along with it, her personal journey from aspiring to become Miss Nagaland to fulfilling her dreams to how she’s shaped it as a platform for empowering the youth.  For someone still in college and so young, she has already accomplished more than most can even begin to imagine. Looking at all the work she has done so far, I am confident that this young friend and role model is on her path to achieve much more.  Deno: Hi Vikuonuo, welcome to R&L! Please introduce yourself. Vikuonuo: Hi everyone, a pleasure to be having this chat. I am Vikuonuo Sachü, reigning Miss Nagaland 2019. I am from Kohima, and currently pursuing a degree along with various social activities. Personally, I would describe myself as both an introvert and an extrovert. I can be very shy at times, but also equally enjoy traveling and meeting new people, and having conversations with them about their lives and perspectives …


The Journey Of The Reigning Miss Nagaland 2018 – Mewetshou Dianu

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt Indeed! Your dream is what makes you different. It defines and shapes you. Many a time, we fall short in appreciating and noticing our dreams because we think they don’t hold a purpose for us in the long run but today we have our very own Mewe Dianu, the reigning Miss Nagaland, who inspires us to dream and do everything in our power to achieve it. We all have a young kid inside of us constantly reminding us of our bonkers wishes and dreams we made when we were just 6 years of age. Building a rocket, to be an astronaut, to be crowned Miss Nagaland; our dreams as kids were unlimited and without boundaries. We are excited beyond measure to have Miss Mewe Dianu remind us of our childish ambitions. We had a chat with Mewetshou Dianu, Miss Nagaland (2018) to talk about her experience with the beauty pageant, winning the title and more. Hello Mewe! So happy …