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Meet 17-Year-Old Nancy Lalvenzuali Khawlhring – Student, Singer Songwriter And Rising Star Of Mizoram

She sings, she raps, she plays basketball and she write songs! Presenting to you a very talented, youngย andย dynamic artist Nancy Lalvenzuali Khawlhrong from Aizawl, Mizoram. Growing up with music as a part of her life,ย this passionate singer is enthralling her fans on social media with her powerful and beautiful voice. Let’s find out more and get to know her better! We had a quick chat with Nancy Lalvenzuali Khawlhring, a rising star from Mizoram to know how she got started, her future aspiration and more. Hello Nancy, please introduce yourself. My full name is Nancy Lalvenzuali Khawlhring, originally from Aizawl, Mizoram and Nancy Kiko is my stage name. I’m the type of person who takes advice from anyone who has music experience in their life and I’m quite sensitive seeing hate comments about me because I tend take things a little too seriously. I’m now in my 10th grade, ready to face the board examination so juggling my studies and music is a little bit hard for me at the moment. Nancy performing on stage …