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Founders of ‘Nagaland Coffee’ Share Updates on Their Coffee Shop Launch in Dimapur

  Who knew Nagaland would be such a hotbed for high-quality coffee? With the neighboring places having captivated the world with their Assam and Darjeeling teas, maybe it’s about time Nagaland finds a place in the heart of coffee lovers in the country and beyond.  Today we chat with the two founders of  “Nagaland Coffee” – a day before the official launch of their first coffee shop in Dimapur, which promises to enchant coffee lovers in the state with their top-class coffee. They have also managed to excite many with the prospect of creating a sustainable coffee ecosystem – comprising of cultivation, roasting, processing, brewery and more. We chat with coffee expert and co-founder Dr.Pieter Vermeulen to know more about their story, their line of products and services, launch day and their future plans.  Meet the Founders ‘Nagaland Coffee Private Limited’ is a business venture started by two friends -Vivito Yeptho from Nagaland, and Dr. Pieter Vermeulen from Cape Town, South Africa. Dr. Pieter is a coffee expert, with a passion for, and knowledge of cultivation, …