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“We Enjoyed This Breathtaking View and The Famous Shrimp Pakoras at the Nambol Bora Hotel, Manipur” – Chingngam, Imphal

“I took this photo yesterday at the ‘Nambol Bora Hotel’ in Manipur. It is around 15 kms from Imphal city, and is on the way to Bishnupur district. This local eatery is known for serving the area’s best snails and shrimp pakoras, locally known as ‘Bora.’ It is definitely becoming one of the best hangouts in Manipur. And especially after staying indoors for several months, visiting Nambol Bora was literally a breath of fresh air! Weย ate Khajing bora (Shrimp fritters), Yeroom bora (egg fritters), Lemon Tea, Chicken momos, Potato & Spring Onion bora. The shrimpy chutney they serve with the pakoras goes so well with the momos too. The perfect duo! We really wanted to try the Tharoi bora (snail fritters) as well, but we went a little late, so it was all sold out.ย There’s also ‘Shinju‘ on the menu but it was the lemon tea that blew me away! ” ~ Chingngam, Imphal The View at the Nambol Bora Hotel, Manipur The Famous Pakoras ‘Boras’ (clockwise from top): Khajing bora (Shrimp fritters), Yeroom bora …