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Visit Dzuleke at Nagaland – The Best Spot for Picnic, Camping and Relaxing

If you’re looking for the perfect getaway this weekend, we’ve got you covered! Weโ€™re talking about Dzuleke Village, nestled in the mountains and covered in lush green forests. A well-known place, this quaint village is certainly every traveler’s paradise! Abundant in flora and fauna, the village is surrounded by looming mountains covered in mist, scenic landscapes, wildflowers, the streams, adorable home-stays, the farmland. This picturesque place is a treasure trove for photographers or photography enthusiast. Located about 10 kms away from Khonoma village, Dzuleke in Nagaland Most of the houses here are surrounded with colorful begonia and geranium flowers. If youโ€™re in the mood for a sightseeing trip, picnic, camping or just to take a short break from the mad rush of life, Dzuleke is the best bet for you to unwind. Trust us when we say that every sight of this place is a feast to the eyes. Although, the road to Dzuleke can be quite challenging but it is worth every bit of the adventure. Tourists stopped for sight-seeing on the way to …