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Meet Naga Yogini Orentsani Kikon from Nagaland – Certified Yoga Instructor and a Fitness Inspiration for Many

Fitness is fast becoming a hot topic in Nagaland – with the young and old alike suddenly waking up to a healthy lifestyle. You can see a lot of local folks going out for a jog in the early hours, fitness centres and gyms opening doors in various parts of the state and conversations about fitness popping up during conversations over locally made green tea. Amidst this new wave, yoga and pilates are soon becoming hot topics of conversation – and has sparked a curiosity among the fitness enthusiasts. Being a recent trend, yoga is still a mysterious activity that the world seem to be obsessed with –  for folks out here. Trust the youths to throw light into anything that’s trending and ought to be explored.  Miss Orenstani Kikon, known as the Naga yogini is on a mission to share her passion, and with that, the benefits of Yoga with the local folks in Nagaland. We chat with her to know more about her journey and the initiatives she has set up in her hometown to enlighten the …