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Experience The Ultimate Summer Escapade At ‘Weiing – The Lakefront Camp’ In Meghalaya

Are you planning to take an adventure trip this summer? Well, we’ve got the perfect place for you tucked in nature. Weiing – The Lakefront Camp is located at Meghalaya, very close to Mawsynram – the wettest place on Earth. They host a range of adventure camps for all ages, with various activities such as trekking, swimmimg, fishing, etc. We had a chat with Aaron Russell Laloo to know better about the place, the services and how it all started.ย  Weiing opened in June 2018 with 3 cottage tents and a campsite that can accommodate a group of 30 people. The idea for starting Weiing came about after the Secretary of the local village cooperative society, Mr. Iasohlang Malngiang and the proprietor of Campfire Trails – Travel & Adventure, Mr. Aaron Laloo met coincidentally and discussed the possibilities and viability of such a venture. Hence, Campfire Trails – Travel & Adventure partnered with The Phlangmawsyrpat Integrated Village Cooperative Society to develop the area locally known as ‘Weiing’ into a destination for eco-rural tourism with a …