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Portraits and Weddings | Photographer Atsen Murry of Pixel Stories, Shares His Story.

Though a lot of photographers seek to bring a soft touch to weddings through their work, Atsen Murry takes his clients’ most celebrated moments to another level. Very few artists provide quite the insider’s view through photos as beautifully as Atsen Murry – the photographer behind ‘Pixel Stories’. Murry’s Pixel Stories is a collection of photographs of ordinary people looking extraordinarily beautiful. Given his popularity, we wanted to learn more about the technique that makes it happen. Thankfully, we recently had the opportunity to ask Atsen a few questions about his work and what makes him tick. How did photography happen to you? I spent the first 15 years of my life in Nagaland. I have always had the bent of mind and cravings of an artist. In the beginning, I found a creative outlet in music, especially in composing tunes. I am still into compositions – sometimes with musical notes, and at other times with light. I did try out some conventional pursuits because of social pressure, like getting done with my pre-university degree in science from …