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Keduoneinuo Solo, a Budding Writer From Kohima, Nagaland Talks About Her Passion For Writing

“Because I have seen so much regression, there is nothing I want more than progress. And I learnt that progress starts with the self.” Meet Keduoneinuo, a budding writer and the author of My Dream Girl. She credits her love for writing to reading. She started reading early on and was influenced by the writings of the likes of Mark Twain and Anne Frank. Her book is about transitioning into a powerful and beautiful woman, who she calls her dream girl. We had a little chat with Keduoneinuo today to see what she had to say on her working style and her latest book “My Dream Girl”.ย  Hello Keduoneinuo. Please introduce yourself. My name is Keduoneinuo Solo. I am 26 years old and I am currently pursuing my Master of Education (M.Ed.) at Nagaland University. I grew up in the heart of Kohima Village. Introduce us to your work. What initially sparked your interest in this field? I don’t exactly recall the first time I started writing poetry, or when I first started writing at …


A Candid Chat With Mmhonlumo Kikon About The Story Behind “The Penmi Poems” Which He Penned Down In Memory Of His Late Wife

Writing can be a beautiful way of comforting oneself – in times of trial and sadness. It is also a wonderful way of expressing our personal emotions of all kinds. Today, we sit down to chat with a friend who has just released a book of poems dedicated to his late wife – as a way to celebrate her life, and befittingly, words he penned down as a therapeutic exercise to comfort himself during his saddest moments. Mmhonlumo Kikon from Nagaland chats with us about his book, “The Penmi Poems: A Requiem” – a collection of poems dedicated to Penmi Phazang Kikon, his late wife and mother of his two daughters. The book also features the late wife’s paintings, prints, and sketches – a reminder of her love for art, which she dreamt of sharing with the world.ย  We chat with Mmhonlumo Kikon, author of the book “The Penmi Poems: A Requiem” – a collection of poems dedicated to his late wife, Penmi Phazang Kikon. This book ‘The Penmi Poems: A Requiem’ is dedicated to …